How To Apply and Remove Your Press On Nails

To Apply:

For best results, make sure nails are clean and dry, free of any oils.

  1. Lightly buff off the gloss from your nails, to leave a slightly rough texture. This helps get better adhesion. File nails and remove cuticles.
  2. Add a bead of nail glue to the inside of the press on nail.
  3. Place the press on nail at the base of your nail, holding at a 45 degree angle. Gently press the fake nail down onto your nail. Press and hold for 30 seconds, or until the press on is secured to your nail. 
  4. Repeat on all nails. Once application is complete, don't submerge hands in water for at least one hour, to ensure nail glue is completely dry.



1. Apply cuticle oil around base of nails.

2. Soak hands in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes, or until press ons start to loosen from nail bed. Add  few drops of cuticle oil to the water for better results.

3. Using the cuticle pusher, gently pry nails loose, starting at the base of the nail around cuticles and going around the edges of the nails until the press ons start to separate from the nail. If necessary, soak hands again and repeat. Don't force the press on nail off to avoid damage to your natural nails.

4. Once the press on nails are removed, allow to dry, then take a nail file and buff the inside of the press on to remove any glue build up. Save in box to wear again!