About Us

Welcome to Kouture Closet!

I started the Kouture Closet for a simple reason - I love fashion! I am especially a jewelry and purse junkie, and I have been addicted to nail art for years. It always amazed me how nail artists could create such gorgeous designs on a tiny little nail.

I got hooked on nail wraps after seeing a popular brand at a craft show. I started searching for trendy nail wrap designs after trying them myself. They are a fast and easy way to add cute designs to your nails, but what I really wanted was to be able to create my own nail art, so I could create my own designs and add jewels. That was the beginning of my nail art journey. I created my own line of custom hand painted press on nails that I battle test myself!

My mission is to provide cute and trendy nail styles for those who want to keep their nails looking on point without spending all day at a salon, or going broke. Whether you like the ease of using nail wraps, or you like the bling and custom designs on press on nails, you'll find a look for every occasion here.

Gorgeous nails are a must-have accessory, but the picture is not complete until your add your other finishing touches. You'll also find fashion jewelry and my curated collection of sunglasses here. Many times I get nail inspo from sunglasses colors and design, or from a piece of jewelry. I love to coordinate colors and textures to create nails that work with the other accessories for a total look.

I'm open to suggestions to make your shopping experience better. If you have any ideas for items you'd like to see, what items you don't like, or if something in the store isn't working right (technical), feel free to use the contact form and I will respond. It's all about You, and I want you to enjoy your time here, and come back to visit often!


Kouture Closet