The Champagne Room Hand Painted Gel Press On Nails
The Champagne Room Hand Painted Gel Press On Nails
The Champagne Room Hand Painted Gel Press On Nails
The Champagne Room Hand Painted Gel Press On Nails

The Champagne Room Hand Painted Gel Press On Nails

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You don't have to waste valuable hours in a salon to get stunning nails. Our custom hand painted press on nails are perfect for busy lifestyles and you can change your nails anywhere. You get:

  • Durable nails in vibrant, chip resistant colors, using salon quality gel polish and gel paints
  • Easy and fast to apply anywhere with glue tabs for short term wear or nail glue for 1-3 weeks wear (both included)
  • Choice of longer or shorter styles in various shapes
  • No sizing required; each set contains 20 nails in 9 different sizes for perfect fit
  • Reusable, when removed with care (see below)

We use only high quality glass crystals, for max sparkle. Each design is limited in quantity, so you get a truly unique set of nails that express your personality!



What happens in the Champagne Room stays in the Champagne Room...we'll never tell! This set has all the glitz and glam in cream and shimmery gold, embellished with champagne crystals, pearls and charms. Available in long stiletto (pictured) or long coffin shapes.


  • Set of 20 full-coverage nails in various sizes for perfect fit.
  • Painted with cruelty-free vegan gel polish
  • Includes Prep Kit including glue tabs, press on nail glue, prep pad, mini file, cuticle stick
  • Reusable, when removed safely (see below)
  • Comes in a gift box and includes surprise gift (one gift per order)


NAIL SHAPE: Stiletto or Coffin

TIP: For best results make sure nails are clean, dry and free of any oils. Use the alcohol wipe included in the pack for prep. Buff shine off nails; wipe off dust. Apply glue or glue sticker to false nail, press on your nail and hold for 30 seconds. Avoid submersing hands in water for at least one hour after application.

To Remove: 

1. Apply cuticle oil around base of nails.

2. Soak hands in warm, soapy water for 10-15 minutes, or until press ons start to loosen from nail bed. Add  few drops of cuticle oil to the water for better results.

3. Using the cuticle pusher, gently pry nails loose, starting at the base of the nail and going around the edges of the nails until the press ons start to separate from the nail. If necessary, soak hands again and repeat.

4. Once the press on nails are removed, allow to dry, then take a nail file and buff the inside of the press on to remove any glue build up. Save in box to wear again!