Sunset at the Beach Nail Wraps

Sunset at the Beach Nail Wraps

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Kiss your nails with this warm, inviting ombre of orange, golden yellow and blue. This trio is the perfect accent to wear on a glowing summer evening with the shades of the painted sky.

Our 100%  real nail polish stickers come in a 16 nail set. Use the alcohol wipe that comes inside of the nail kit, apply the real nail polish stickers, then file the excess. No fuss or mess, and they are easy to use. Each set lasts about 10-14 days.

Easy To Appy:

  • Start with clean dry nails.
  • Find the sticker to match your nail size.
  • Press it onto the nail and smooth it down.
  • File the excess nail sticker off the tip of the nail and smooth out the edge of the nail.
  • Done!

These nail stickers are safe and non-toxic and comes in a pretty bag.

To remove please use nail polish remover to prevent damage to the nails.