Start Your Own Nail Business

Want to start your own business selling a tried and true, fun product? Get started with your own press on nail business, without the headache of spending months learning nail art or investing in buying tons of nail products. Start the easy way, using my new wholesale model or dropshipping model for custom press on nails. All nails are hand painted and custom designed, using salon quality products, from my La Luxe and new Short and Sassy custom press on nails collections only.


How Does This Work?

Wholesale Bulk Orders:

If you want to start your business with products in hand to sell, you can order sets of nails ready to sell/ship. Choose from any nail designs on my site, and you will receive a discount based on the types of nails and the size of the order. I will ship your nails in separate sleeves on a card, ready for you to package.

You can set up your business to sell in person, sell on social media, or set up your own website with your branding and pricing. You can get started with as few as 5 nail sets, and choose from nails only option, or nails supreme, which has the nail sets in boxes with application kits. All you need to do is show and sell!


This is the perfect model for those who want little or no start up cost for a press on nail business! All you need to do is use my pictures of products on your social media or your website (under your brand name of course), and start taking orders. Set up your order taking from your customers any way you like.

Once you have orders, you can place your orders on my site, using a special 30% discount code. I will process your order and ship the custom press on nail set(s) directly to your customers under your name/brand, not mine. Submit your orders as you receive them, or in groups.

If you would like to dropship, but you want to have samples of the finished product, you can order a swatch kit, which will include 10 nail designs (5 nails each) and 3 sizing kits of your choice, to show your customers how to order their nails in custom sizes. 

Dropshipping is the perfect model because you don't need any money to start selling, no boxes to ship - it is all handled for you. As you grow and you want to take over your own shipping and branding, you can always switch to ordering wholesale.

These options make it easy for you to start your own business, your way. You decide how to set it up and price your items to maximize your profit. This is NOT an MLM marketing model. I do not restrict how you sell or price the custom press on nail sets once you purchase them. There are so many ways you can sell the press on nails, like on social media, at your job, to your friends and family, at church, have  a nail party...the options are endless!

Get Your Side Hustle On!

If you would like more information on how to get started with either of these models, please fill out the form below, and I will be in touch with more details and pricing, based on your preferred purchasing option.


Your Nail Artist